Graduation marks an important transition towards the rest of a young adult’s life. What better way to celebrate the occasion than with a timeless handcrafted wooden pen?

A diploma grants an adventurous new step that family members and friends will want to recognize. Finding a present for graduation is no longer a challenge with DWF Gallery exclusive pen selections. In styles to suit every personality, custom-made wooden pens are elegant while projecting the look of a professional. High school, college and higher education graduates will appreciate the styling as well as the thought behind their gifts.

The beauty of a handmade writing tool is a treasure for a lifetime. As a graduation gift idea, pens crafted from premium woods and embellished with metal components are one-of-a-kind artisan choices. One day, they may grace the desk of a company president or become part of an heirloom collection. Each piece will exhibit the unique characteristics of wood that only nature can provide. Finished to perfection to protect the surface and add a smooth feel, this collection goes beyond off-the-shelf choices.

Birdseye maple is a popular choice appealing to feminine tastes. Embedded and dangling Swarovski crystals are finishing touches to these fine pieces. Cap choices in gold and silver tones only enhance their beauty. They will be class favorites and are just as impressive on the professional’s desk.

Dual sets are another gift idea for graduation. These are hardwood crafted selections that appeal to male or female graduates. Featured with natural graining and characteristics, they are timeless choices that will easily become everyday writing essentials. They also feature pocket clips, making them even more versatile for classroom or business use.

As your graduate dons his or her cap and gown, you can show your pride with the reward of any featured pen in this collection. From the first class to a first day in a new career, wooden pens will make the right impression. With their premium construction, they will also last through many more firsts. Given from the heart, a traditional single pen or pen set will be among the most memorable gifts anyone can receive.