Meet Vernon’s

Most Distinguished Artisan

Don has distinguished himself through his timeless exotic hardwood pieces that make elegant and durable gifts. As a self-taught master of his craft, his creations are at once striking and unique, and sure to turn heads as centerpieces in your home. No stains or dyes are used, unless requested. All the wood is handpicked and worked in such a way to bring out stunning natural detail that will dazzle the eye. See what a difference Don’s heirloom products will make in your home.

Born and raised in British Columbia and now residing in Vernon, B.C., even though Don’s work is known and sold in other countries, Don was probably one of Vernon’s best kept secrets. His products were never displayed in his hometown until just recently. Don has been building these beautiful boxes and other custom orders in the wood shop behind his home since 2000.

Don has brought his own style to the common wood box. By using various types of hardwoods that come from all over the globe. Don is able to take this wood and combine the different wood types to produce a contrast that truly stands out on its own. Putting in that extra effort to produce an eye-catching product will bring out the curiosity in every one of us. You simply will not be able to walk by any of his work with out lifting the lid, or just running your fingers over the smooth warm finish.

Striking & Unique

Australian Rosewood / Ebony Jewelry Case

by Don Fortin

Intrigue, Elegance & Mastery

About the Artisan

Don started his woodworking passion in the year 2000. It was something he had always wanted to do, but was never able to find the time with his main career. His natural passion for wood mastery has made it possible to bring undeniable beauty into his designs. After a lot of trial and error, Don was able to come up with a gallery of products that is not seen anywhere else. The contrasting laminating, and craftsmanship all add up to a one-of-a-kind exemplary product. Don’s work is now displayed in homes and executive offices in over five countries.
Don a self-taught woodworker, past president of the West Coast Woodworking Artisans Society, (Head office in Kamloops), director of the Monashee Arts Council in Lumby BC, founding director of the Lumby Village Gallery and founder and owner of DWF Gallery Hardwood Designs in Vernon BC, Even with these commitments, you will most always find him in his shop, creating these wonderful pieces.

Don likes to keep the natural look of the wood. That means no stain to any of the wood. The finish can be up to 15 coats of oil, hand waxed to bring out the natural beauty and warmth of the wood. This process alone can take up to two weeks or more to complete.



By artisan: Ed Schroeder