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DWF Maple & Ebony Wine Ceremony Box


Before the wedding a couple will take time out to write a letter to each other expressing their thoughts and the qualities that drew each other together, the love that developed between them and the reasons why they are together. In other words you write a love letter to your partner. You then put the letter in an envelope and seal it, write your partners name on the outside of the sealed letter. You do not read what each other wrote, and place it in the Wine Ceremony Love Time Capsule.
Inside the wine capsule you place your favourite wine and two glasses and maybe a CD of your favourite group that may have had your song on it, everybody has one…. also add some photos or keepsake items that has some romantic value to each other, making it your romantic time capsule and lock it,to be opened on your fifth anniversary. This is incorporated into your wedding ceremony and each of you are given a key you will need both to open the wine box.

In five years you sit down open the box have some wine and read the letters you wrote each other five years ago. Now if there happens to be a bump in the relationship road befor the five year anniversary, I would suggest that you open the box sooner and drink the wine and read the letters.

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