Motorcycle Pens


Motorcycle Pens
Capture the thrill of the open road with this beautifully crafted Motorcycle Pen. Each and every component is thoughtfully designed and finished with breathtaking detail for a look that is pure open road cruiser. From the straight pipes to the muscular lines of the old school single cylinder engine with kickstart mechanism, your custom-built pen will make a statement. The pen tip features a fierce, intricately cast eagle head with the engraved words, “Ride Hard. Live Free” as a band above the eagle head. A true to life old school single cylinder engine adorns the pen end. A machined shock absorber sits beneath the engine while the engine’s straight exhaust pipes act as the pen clip. On shock absorber, you’ll find a super cool “kickstart” mechanism that replicates the Kickstarter on the motorcycle. This mechanism functions smoothly to advance and retract the refill. Easy.

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NEW! Motorcycle Pens

Eagle Head tips in flat black and Pewter.

Motorcycle Engine, Exhaust Pipe clip, and Kick Start pen advance.

Additional information

Weight .025 kg
Dimensions 6 × 1 × 1 cm


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