Satisfaction Guaranteed!

We want you to be happy and guarantee satisfaction. If any product made by DWF Gallery is given as a gift and you know the recipient is not entirely happy, if possible we will swap it for another piece, make another to their liking or even refund the purchase price. Of course, this guarantee applies to all purchases, not just gifts.

  • After submitting your purchase details we will contact you to confirm shipping times, etc.
  • Chose your shipping Post for ground or FedEx for air or contact us for any other shipping requests.
  • Please submit your phone number – FedEx requires it for shipping.
  • If you prefer, email us and let us know which piece you are interested in and we will mark it sold and contact you. You may then pay with credit card (via phone or email) or Paypal – whatever is convenient.
  • Call 250-540-0956. We always enjoy talking to our customers!